iPhone Apps for Pharmaceutical Companies

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We deliver qualified iPhone Applications for the pharmaceutical industry based on the native SDK and web based.

iPhone Apps deliver the interaction where you need and when you need it.


Why iPhone Apps?

iPhone Apps are key to reach your customers, partners and employees when they have time and leisure to deal with new information. On the move, but still connected to you it is the right time to provide the critical piece of information when it is needed most.

Our Service

We enable you to concentrate on your core business to successfully grow and operate a pharmaceutical company. We take care about the iPhone App development, which requires specialized development, project management and qualification skills.

With our experience in the pharmaceutical industry we provide you the experts that understand your business and compliance needs. Our Project and Quality Managers will work on-site with you to provide all required documentation. This includes Quality plans, URS, FS, DS, IQ, OQ, PQ and Quality Report and other required documentation.

At the end of the process we deliver the finalized, tested and documented application - ready for production.


  • Specification, Development, Project management and Qualification out of one hand.
  • Very competitive prices since Liance has off-shore development capacity.
  • Complete Validation and Qualification provided by Liance consultants as part of the overall project delivery
  • Cutting edge application for the IPhone to enable a new level of marketing and customer support


Compliance is a must and one of our core competences.

Further Information and Contact

If you are interested in further details about turnkey solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, please contact:

Joanna Linder

+41 76 570 2658