Liance in Switzerland

Liance GmbH is a privately held company based in Kaiseraugst, Argau. Liance has been founded in 2006 by Juergen Neth based on 5+ years of experience in the industry and 20+ years of experience in consulting and information technology. Starting out as a one person company the Liance team doubled every year. Currently about 20 highly educated and motivated compliance specialists with a wide range of experiences in the industry work for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Consulting Philosophy

At Liance, our consulting philosophy is simple. We believe in engagement and end-to-end services to generate value for our customers. We also believe that Quality and Compliance are not only mandatory but that they will contribute substantial business benefits when they are engineered and mastered in the right way.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is end-to-end quality and compliance delivered in an integrated way across the full life cycle of systems in the regulated industry. Quality and compliance tools should be available at each stage of the life cycle to further increase quality and improve productivity.
Our mission is to deliver the methods and practices across the life cycle and to develop and provide the tools to manage quality and compliance.

Value Proposition

We help our customers to effectively manage their risks and comply with their legal requirements across their full system life cycle. Our experienced experts team up with customer teams to find the most efficient ways to plan and perform the required tasks. We work very hard to help our customers to find real business value in quality and compliance. We develop and offer our customers tools to improve the quality of the work results while increasing productivity at the same time.

Fair and Simple

We believe that our customers should get what they really need to fullfil legal and other requirements. Quality and compliance should be kept simple and straightforward. Fair rates and simple rules make doing business with Liance very simple and straightforward. We work very hard to achieve customer satisfaction by helping our customers to manage their risks and tasks effective and efficient.